Sunday, 30 October 2011

♥ A Perfect Girl ♥


The day that i finally found a girl that are really perfect for me .  She got all that i want . and until today , my love for her are never disappeared . Its is because she are too PERFECT to me .  And i hope . she will loyal to me forever and ever . she the one who always make me smile when i'm sad .  

- Dear My Love -
 All I care about is being with you forever.
 All the gold and diamond in the world are not enough to buy the love I have for you.
 God created you for just for me.
 I am addicted to your love.
 I am crazy about you.
 I cannot live without you. 
 I cannot stop thinking about you.
 I did not mean to hurt your feelings.
I do not want to wake up from this wonderful dream with you.
 I feel safe when I am with you.
 I get lost in ecstasy when you make love to me.
I have finally discovered true love – you.
 I love talking to you.
 I love the way you make love to me.
 I miss your hugs and kisses when we are apart.
 I thank God for the day he brought you into my life.
 I want to spend forever with you.
 I will give anything to be with you.
 I will give you my heart, my body, and my soul.
 I will go with you to the ends of the world as long as you keep loving me.
 I will rather be broke than trade your love for a million dollars.
I will travel a thousand miles to be with you.
 If anything happens to you, I will go crazy.
 If I could I would make love to you a thousand times.

 ♥ K.A.M.I  ♥

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